Puppies sitting together. Puppies sitting together. Puppies sitting together.
Puppy paws. Derby Hills Bulldogs. Puppy paws.

Here at Derby Hills Bulldogs, we specialize in breeding and raising top-notch, healthy, correct AKC Bulldogs, also known as English Bulldogs. Stocky body types with large bully heads, yet a balanced, overall look. Our bulldog pedigrees carry some of the most well-known, PROVEN!! AKC Champions in the Bulldog show world throughout the United States.

A Bulldog purchase is a big investment up front, but it is this investment that will help guarantee that you have just purchased a healthy, sound Bulldog from a respectable breeder that will stand behind his/her Bulldogs to assure you and your family will have a new "best friend" for years to come. We offer an extensive 3 page health guarantee on ALL of our puppies!

Bulldogs are great house companions and are wonderful with children. If you are looking for your new bully friend, feel free to contact us. We do have puppies available occasionally throughout the year. I am a member in Bulldog Rescue in WI and also a Member of The Bulldog Club of America; the AKC-sanctioned parent club for AKC Bulldogs, or as most of the public is referring to...the "English" or "British" Bulldog.

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